i wanna be yours

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2014-03-01 02.30.44-1

2014-03-01 02.32.38-3 wearing: Foreign Exchange skirt, Leith sweater, Gap tights (similar), Black Poppy boots, BDG backpack

This Winter weather has gotten to be quite depressing and I have been feeling suffocated from wearing layers upon layers. I’ve been craving vibrance and sunny warm days. Adding blush to any outfit helps me feel less dull and springy! My personal favorite thing about this outfit is my polka dot tights because they add a quirky and cute detail. I can’t wait until I can wear this outfit again without freezing and having to wear a coat over it all.

After a really fun and crazy weekend, it’s all back to business this week. As you may have ready from my earlier post, I will be speaking at the University of Wisconsin- Madison as part of their Blogger panel for Fashion Week. I’m looking forward to this event and I will surely do a blog post and if you’re following me on Instagram, I’ll be posting fun road trip pics of my adventure! I hope everyone has a great start to their week!

I Wanna Be Yours- Arctic Monkeys


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