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2014-01-11 04.14.12-2wearing: Forever 21 topMaison Jules pantsCharles Jourdan shoes, thrifted french beaded purse, Broner hat.

Bonjour! Today’s look is completely Parisian inspired. Of course, living in France is on my very long list of hopes and dreams. So, whenever I get the chance to indulge myself in the culture and art, I do so. There is something so admirable about the French, and how they carry themselves. Their fashion is effortless but is still chic and beautiful. Pink and black, or shall I say rouge and noir are one of my favorite color combos. Something about the color pink just screams Paris and french macaroons. It’s all so lovely, right?

Décalquée – Austine

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2 Responses to décalquée

  1. Isabelle says:

    I love this look! Of course, I like anything Parisian styled, but you pull it off well!

  2. KLAUDI says:

    my firs thought “what a beautiful simple outfit!” then I saw some more, and I need to say that you have a great taste! every single outfit is perfect :)

    magical box

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