buzzcut season

2014-01-02 01.03.18

2014-01-02 01.05.41-2

2014-01-02 01.04.52-1

2014-01-02 01.06.00-2

2014-01-02 01.06.12-1

2014-01-02 01.04.37-1

2014-01-02 01.04.14

2014-01-02 01.03.34-2wearing: Merona blazer, Converse pants, Pins and Needles blouse, Charles Jourdan shoes, and Michael Kors watch

Ending the week with a menswear inspired outfit, which is a bandwagon I’ve always wanted to hop on. I initially bought these pants for pure comfort, and after trying them on I realized that they would be perfect as dress pants. My beautiful lace blouse balanced the ensemble with a mix of feminine and masculine. I hope everyone has a lovely weekend! I’ll be trying to keep warm as we head into record setting low temps here in Minnesota! But the snow looks pretty coming down…

Buzzcut Season – Lorde

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  1. Love this look and love how you rocked the menswear trend while still staying oh so ladylike. Love it!

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