as far as i can see

2013-12-30 03.35.51

2013-12-30 03.35.57-1

2013-12-30 03.36.06

2013-12-30 03.36.14-1

2013-12-30 03.36.49

2013-12-30 03.37.05-2

2013-12-30 03.36.01wearing: Anthropologie skirt by HD in Paris, H&M top, Charles Jourdan shoes, Timex watch and BP necklace

Happy New Years Day! Although, I’d like to say I had a crazy time celebrating the new year… the truth is it was a very relaxing evening. My mum and I cooked a delicious italian meal (grab the recipe here), and my favorite was our homemade bruschetta. Can you say yum? Then, we ended the night by relaxing and watching movies. I’m really more of a “stay at home” kind of gal. The more exciting part was wearing this amazingly gorgeous HD in Paris skirt. When I opened this gift on Christmas; I was over the moon. It’s very quality, with intricate lace and layers of tulle. Perfect for all seasons!

As Far As I Can See – Phantogram

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2 Responses to as far as i can see

  1. Ibadat says:

    I love how you accessorized with the bracelets! The skirt is absolutely gorgeous! :)

  2. Maddie says:

    such a classic look! love your skirt!

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