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2014-01-03 03.21.49wearing: H&M coat, skirt, blouse, velvet wedges (no longer available), thrifted clutch, Francesca’s ring and American Apparel socks

Getting through the long and bitter winters can be awfully brutal and somewhat depressing. But one of my many tricks is dressing up even though you could be lounging in sweats. Don’t get me wrong, comfort is important to me, but spending months in my PJs seems far too dreary. So, for today I put together a look that is very me to say the least. I’ve been craving a faux fur coat and finally found one that can make any outfit look strikingly rich and elegant. And one can never have too many leather skirts. When I found this perfectly pleated skirt, I could not pass it up. We braved the sub zero Minnesota temps and came upon the perfect setting for this shoot… the gold doors complemented the outfit completely.

all your light – Portugal The Man

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  • hello!

    Just want to say what a huge fan I am of your blog, been following since summer and you always post this most amazing shots! Your mum takes a great shot, I wish mine could. I am just starting a blog, any tips for newbies?

    Keep up the great work, lots of love from England!
    Sophie xxx

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