IMG_5588wearing: Topshop Runway Exclusive dress, Vintage french purse, Tarte Vintage sunglasses, and Charles Jourdan heels.

I actually bought this dress a while back, for a random occasion. I’ve always meant to do a shoot in this baby because I mean… it’s gorgeous. And I always pictured doing a sort of “An Education” Carey Mulligan kind of look with it. So, 60’s inspired classy chic vibe, you know? And I thought of this vibrant pink wall in downtown Minneapolis that suited this dress perfectly. It brought out the beaded details perfectly. On the 17th, I celebrated my 17th birthday! Also, a bit of a nod to An Education (Carey Mulligan’s character turns 17.. yadayada). But, now I’m off to NYC on Friday morning and I’m more than excited. Follow me on Instagram to keep up with my daily adventures. Talk to you soon!

17- Kings of Leon

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2 Responses to 17

  1. Jessica says:

    Cute dress! I want to try a similar dress with my Dirty Laundry wedges! http://www.chineselaundry.com/products2.cfm/id/3815/attr1/7310

  2. verity says:

    happy 17th! :))

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