if so







IMG_2684wearing: ASOS dress, Topshop jewelry, Vagabond boots

When I bought this dress, I immediately knew that some setting in California would make it all the more beautiful. I love the clean lines and the simplicity of black and white. I’m a sucker for anything monochrome. While driving down the Santa Monica mountains, there were so many photo ops. These beautiful bunch of flowers were no exception. We pulled over and shot the dress, admired the view, and hoped someone cool and famous would walk out of one of these homes. Well we did get to witness a movie being filmed and sat next to Candace Cameron at dinner that night.

It’s the weekend and spring break has finally arrived. I’m super excited to get back to warmth and sunshine. I’ll be heading to Flordia in the next few days with my best friend and I’m sure my Instagram photos will be plan trees and sand.

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If So- Atlas Genius

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image2-2 wearing: American Apparel bodysuit & shorts, Cool Clearwater belt, Vagabond boots

One of my favorite tricks to surviving Minnesota cool weather blues, is pretending it doesn’t exist! Haha, I honestly just buy and wear clothing that would normally be seen during spring & summer. It’s probably not the most practical trick, however I’ve run out of ideas. This is actually the first outfit I wore out in California. Lavender is my absolute favorite color and I wouldn’t usually wear tight high waisted jean shorts to the beach, but everything was so spontaneous. So, as you can imagine right after this shoot I changed into my swimsuit and jumped into the ocean. Oh, the luxuries of just living in California. I can’t wait to be one of them ;)

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Symptoms- Atlas Genius 

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IMG_3217wearing: Aeropostale dress, Free People choker, Forever 21 sandals

As much as I love the city and being on the go, I really find the most inner peace and contentment being amongst nature. It always feels much more real and beautiful. I’m wearing this adorable floral dress from Aeropostale which blended perfectly with the scenery that the Santa Monica Mountains provided. Did I mention the insane drive down the mountain that we endured everyday? It was crazy scary but also super visually pleasing, which I never am one to complain about. Ooh, don’t let me forget about my silver metallic sandals (looks perfect with frilly socks) from Forever 21! I’m pretty much obsessed with anything silver metallic and that makes me look like I’m straight from space. These babies really edged up with girly dress, gotta love what shoes can do for you. Happy Saturday!

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Souls- Hippo Campus 

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salty hair & sunshine

image1-3 copy 2




image1-3wearing: ASOS swim top, Victoria Secret swim bottoms

I apologize for how long I am taking to post all the looks from California. In my mind, I’m still there and on vacation apparently. So, here’s a quick look at my last day at the beach. I sincerely love the ocean and just laying in the sun and listening to waves crash. The beaches in Malibu were so beautiful and so many locals surfing and such made the experience so fun. Is there a job that just allows you to lay by the beach and eat mangos? If so, sign me up!

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ritual union







IMG_3790wearing: Tobi dress, Vagabond boots, Forever 21 jewelry

What you have just viewed is my final look from my collaboration with Tobi! The dress screams California, so it was absolutely the right setting and mode for my temporary summer heaven. The wine colored lace easily satisfied my infinite love for the always romantic/sexy shape of the dress. It’s a freakin’ miracle that Spring has begun in Minnesota, because I was definitely worried about my mental health after experiencing such blissful-ness in Cali.

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Ritual Union- Little Dragon

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heart of gold

image1-3 copy 2


image3-2 copy




IMG_2963wearing: Free People dress + choker, Vagabond boots via Urban Outfitters

Staying in the Santa Monica Mountains in a secluded cabin, surrounded by nature was exactly the kind of vacation I needed. There was nothing forced or superficial about it, just me, myself and nature. The atmosphere was so surreal. On most of our days,my mum and I completely relaxed in the mornings, made breakfast and ate on the sun filled deck. Then, we did a lot of exploring all over California. First, we explored the beaches of Malibu and walked along the seaside. We ate at a really yummy lunch at the Malibu Farm Beach cafe. I ate a chicken burger and mashed broccoli… it was so damn good. I was skeptical of the broccoli but I was in love and I’m probably gonna attempt to make it. We also stopped in a shop called Planet Blue (super friendly ladies!). It smelled so good in the there, and hella bomb boho clothing. Lavender is my favorite color, and I was in need of a quality maxi dress so this Free People dress was the right answer. Pairing it with my ‘Emma’ Vagabond boots added a good badass vibe that I always love.

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Heart Of Gold- Neil Young

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sun was high









IMG_2348wearing: ℅ Cloud Nine Tobi dress, Forever 21 choker, and Vagabond shoes

If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you know that I have been vacationing in California. I’m back now, and I’m ready to share all of the looks I shot whilst being there. I shot over ten looks and now I know why California bloggers have such quality content. It’s always beautiful and sunny in Cali, and the photo-ops are outrageously convenient. I should also mention that when I first arrived, I knew immediately that I was in love and at home. I’ve never felt that before about a place, but this was instant true love. So, it’s safe to say that the debate on where to move after I graduate has been settled.

I have owned this dress for awhile now, thanks to Tobi. However, I knew the right setting to capture it’s perfect tie dye boho look would not be in Minnesota. So, I saved it for the Santa Monica Mountains and I definitely made the right choice. I love the bell sleeves, touch of lace, and flattering length of this bad boy. It is ultimate sun goddess attire, in which I always try to attain. Recently, I invested my hard earned money into two pairs of Vagabond boots. Yes, yes, yes that might seem like a bit too much all at once. But I’ve been wearing the first pair I got awhile back almost everyday. So, I stuffed all three pairs in my suitcase and simultaneously switched them out for each outfit. Okay… I need another nap because my “jet lag”/complete laziness has set it. I’d stay tuned for more…

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Sun Was I (So Was I)- Best Coast

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will you be mine

uncommon goods1) Growbottle 2) Bronze Custom Map Key Ring 3) Personalized Love Birch Cuff 4) Raw Quartz Birthstone Necklace 5) Scratch Map 6) Personalized Constellation of Love 7) Skyline of Love 8) Heart Book Box 9) Latitude Longitude Pendant

The holidays are over and we’re stuck in the midst of some brutal Winter temps. But there’s one thing about February that one might look forward to. February 14. Being single on Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean you have to be sad or sit at home alone in the dark. I think being an independent person is something to celebrate. So why not do it by treating yourself or a friend to a special gift? I found some unique finds at UncommonGoods. They are a privately-owned retailer that endeavors to feature unique designs and handcrafted gifts created in harmony with the environment and without harm to animals or people. I love their mission in supporting artists and many of their pieces are hand made. Since my mom is an artist, I see the creativity and energy that is put into personalized art and those kinds of gifts are always the best.  For those who have a love for traveling, the Scratch Map and the Map Key Ring are perfect! And of course, there are plenty of gifts for the guys too!


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hound dog



black overalls 4

black overalls 2

image1-3wearing: H&M overalls + jacket, Forever 21 tank + shoes + jewelry

What do you do when you find a turquoise wall? Do a quick photo shoot, of course. Because of how freakin’ cold it is, and to that I can say how excited I am to be going to Malibu, California soon. I cannot wait to enjoy some beautiful weather and sun.  Alright, I’ll tell you quick how much I love overalls. Styling them in a very suave and masculine way feels very empowering. As surprising as it may be, I’ve always been just as much of tomboy as I’ve been a “girly girl”. Aka, I find it fun to dress quite boyish and walk around in those shoes for a bit. I’ve actually been shopping in the guys section a lot (H&M men is on point) and I’ve found some great finds, such as this bomber jacket. Okay, I should head to bed. I am so tired. Salut!

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uptown funk






image2wearing: Tobi dress & coat, American Apparel hosiery, and H&M boots

I recently collaborated with Tobi, a brand that I have loved and admired since I started my blog. So, it was extremely exciting and fun to be able to work with them and create some stellar looks. This is the first look, the Cruising All Night coat and Hop The Line dress were pieces that screamed my name from the moment I saw them. I tend to choose the same black, white and greys, so this pastel blue was the perfect answer to lighten my wardrobe. This lovely shade of blue is a surprise twist to the classic moto style. The stripe dress had that fitted look with the asymmetrical detail that easily stole my heart. A sheer pair of tights and chunky boots were the finishing touches, what do you think of this look?

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Uptown Funk-Bruno Mars

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talk is cheap




IMG_1074wearing: American  Apparel denim, Forever 21 halter, bomber and crossbody, Vagabond boots

My obsession with bomber jackets is really growing. I can’t can’t enough of them. This floral Forever 21 one really caught my eye when I was doing a bit of online shopping one night. The weather here is still a bit chilly for light outerwear, but when Spring arrives you can bet my staple item will be my ever rotating bomber collection.

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Talk is Cheap- Chet Faker

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not so simple





IMG_9105wearing: Free People skirt, Topshop top, Vagabond boots, Forever 21 necklaces

Recently, I have been finding the coolest freaking clothing pieces! I actually didn’t physically find this particular item, so all props go to my mom for scooping out these rad skirt. Free People literally created the perfect plaid skirt, if you’re looking for something more than just your average mini. The layers and thick material make it my ultimate go-to for a head turning outfit. I paired the skirt with another one of my babes, my Topshop zip up crop. And lastly, my Vagabond boots that I wear everyday… maybe I should invest in another pair? Hmm.

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what’s cooking good looking?

IMG_0235 What’s happening guys? I’ve always wanted to take the time and talk about my everyday makeup wear and new products I’ve discovered. It’s always fun putting fashion aside and gabbing over makeup. I decided on posting about my two go-to looks for everyday occasions. The first is what you see above, a subtle & soft look with edgy details. I’ll start with some natural moisturizing, Mary Kay Botanical Hydrate & Pure Jojoba oil (I buy mine from Trader Joe’s). Keeping your skin soft and hydrated is so important during the winter time. I wouldn’t recommend tons of oils and mixing lotions, if your skin is sensitive or doesn’t handle too much product well. For me, the more moisture the better. I don’t have generally dry skin but I just can handle a lot and the outcome is always more effective with a generous hand. Then, I go straight for my new investment, Benefit’s Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow! in toasted beige. It’s a oil free liquid foundation + SPF = oh hell yes. It’s the perfect lightweight coverage that just gives a really natural glow. I’m in love with it. Then, I finish the look off with Chanel’s Les Beiges in N°70 for a little contouring action. Gotta keep with the times, I guess! Now onto eyes and lips…

IMG_0189 Eyebrows are the best excuse to get really bold and punchy with your makeup looks, so never pass up a chance to experiment. What you see of me is really what you get. I don’t adjust the shape or color of my brows. I simply comb, outline, and draws the ends out a bit. In the photo above, the lighting did some weird thing to make one of my brows look thicker than the other. But, you can’t always be completely parallel and perfect with those bad boys, they have minds of their own. For Christmas, my mom got me Urban Decay’s Naked2 Palette! I try out new colors everyday, but my favorite would have to be Verve. It’s a simple sliver that always makes my eyes pop and look big, which I very much enjoy. Next, is when I whip out my Kat Von D Tattoo Liner… and whew baby I don’t mess around with that thing. I fell in love with it from day one and now I am able to perfect my cat eye’s to a t. So, I recommend that little babe if you’re in need of eyeliner products. Lastly, I’ll throw on a few coats of Tarte’s lights, camera, lashes mascara for long lashes. My natural lip look is simply American Apparel’s lip gloss that isn’t available online anymore, but if you stop by a store you could probably find some.

IMG_0097To vamp up my look when I am feeling more badass or something, I have two main go-tos. Red lipstick and a nose ring. Nose ring is optional, haha. But, red lips are just second nature to me and it always pleasantly ages me when I am not into the whole baby face thing.

IMG_0008 copyI am wearing Revlon’s lipstick in red rival. If you’re into me posting about beauty, shoot me and email or leave a comment. It’s always fun to hear about other products people are  using or what others recommend. I’m no expert, so learning is fun for me. Hey, have a good Sunday!

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ghosts outside of my hands





IMG_9936wearing: American Apparel sweater & leggings and Steve Madden boots

I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect thigh high boots for as long as I can remember. When I finally found the Steve Madden Odyssey boots, I pretty much fell in love. They are absolutely perfect because not only are they thigh highs but they’re heeled as well. And because I’m not the tallest, I can always use the height. I am prepared to style these boots in every way, shape, or form. So, be on the look out for the many diverse ways I will wear them. This all black and cozy look was much needed for the chilly air that won’t leave Minnesota. I love my oversized Fisherman Turtleneck sweater from American Apparel, it’s the perfect movie theatre attire if you ask me.

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Ghost Outside Of My Hands- nona

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waiting game







IMG_9341wearing: Forever 21 dress, Aeropostale hat, Vagabond boots

As a Minnesotan, I can say that I truly think downtown Minneapolis & St. Paul are special and sacred places. The past four years, I’ve traveled back and forth from the both of them for school reasons and such. There is definitely a difference in the aesthetics and artistic appeals. Because my school is right in downtown St. Paul, I spend most of my time exploring the timeless and somewhat “vintage” architectures of places like the Landmark center, James J. Hill library, and Rice Park. Downtown Minneapolis however, feels more fast pace and modern. You’re able to watch the business men & women race through the streets, you can either choose to join them or sit and observe. Both can be quite fun and entrancing. I have learned so much from just watching the grown adults live their lives, in the city. It helps me gain a wee bit of knowledge for what I want my life to be like. Sometimes it is really easy to miss what is  going on around you. It’s fun to have an easygoing perspective and just take in all the beauty the Twin Cities can offer.

Yes, it’s so damn cold. But I found an indoor parking garage stairwell/hallway that has businesses such as the famous Candyland (had to snatch up some Chicago mix popcorn). I’m sporting one of the many favorites of mine from Christmas. It’s a plaid number, which is always a crowd pleaser and a pattern that has a special place in my heart.

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Waiting Game- Banks

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IMG_8775wearing: Topshop jacket & tee & rings, Free People jeans, and H&M boots

I’ve always had a huge admiration/obsession with light denim and the color baby blue. It started as a young age and apparently it hasn’t ceased. So, of course when I went to Nordstroms and straight to the Topshop section, this jacket was practically screaming my name. I couldn’t resist and now I am an owner of a beautiful little gem. As, it’s Sunday I am staying warm (somewhat) and keeping casual. I’m wearing another beaut from Topshop, this not so basic tee with roses. And last but not least my new favorite pair of jeans from Free People! Shoutout to them for actually making  jeans that fit my body perfectly. Seriously, it’s such a struggle to find jeans that are the perfect length. Yay for good finds that feed the soul.

I’ve been so wrapped up in all of the stress and craziness of being a senior in high school. I think I knew it was happening, but at the same time I think it has been blinding me a bit. Oh well. But, I am now finally getting back in the “blog” mindset. I’m totally ready to get back in the game and posting more and such. So get ready? Let’s see if this sticks.

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Souls – Hippo Campus

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hanging on the telephone




IMG_8601wearing: Forever 21 coat/dress/shoes & Henri Bendel bag

It’s too cold in Minnesota! For real, it’s seriously dangerous over here so what better way to bundle up than with a faux fur coat? This baby is insanely warm and cozy. It always makes me feel like a mega pimp, which I don’t mind one bit. My Wednesday Addams look-alike dress is also on my latest of favorite items. It’s crazy the amazing items you can find at Forever 21 for such affordable prices.

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Hanging On The Telephone- The Nerves

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how’s that





IMG_7514wearing:Cooperative shirt, skirt, ℅ hue knee socks, Forever 21 shoes

Before we finally got hit with a bit of snow, I went out for a quick shoot and it was quite mild out out. Not wearing a coat and not freezing on a December day in Minnesota is a rarity. I loved the blue embroidery in this blouse and scooped it up at Urban Outfitters for a bargain before the Christmas.

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How’s That- FKA Twigs

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give up





IMG_7365wearing: Kisa Boutique cardigan, American Apparel top, H&M jeans & earcuff, Julie Vos necklace, and Vagabond boots

It always feels heck of a lot better buying clothes from local Twin Cities boutiques and shops. You tend to find more one-of-a-kind and unique pieces that won’t have you ending up twinning with someone at your school (aka my least favorite thing). So, as I was randomly running around the mall, I came across Kisa Boutique having a pop up sale right in time for the holidays! I had only been to Kisa one other time at their Uptown location. So it is always fun to effortlessly get those opportunities to check out what kind of incredible pieces they are carrying. I tried on many of their latest items and immediately found a love, this plaid cardigan. It was something I wouldn’t normally buy anywhere else, the color palette was not my normal go-to. But you know those times when you try something on and it feels made for you? This was one of those cases.

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Give Up – Fka Twigs

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in one ear






IMG_6995wearing: H&M shirt + coat, thrifted skirt, Skechers boots

This December month has been going way too fast. I can hardly believe it’s almost Christmas and I’m not prepared what so ever. I can easily say that I am so happy to have a long winter break from school and I can finally focus on a few other important things. I will also be doing my share of relaxing and enjoying being at home with my pup.

I was sent these super cozy and Winter proof boots from Skechers. They are perfect for me as they are very reminiscent of the 90s style I love and they fit into my wardrobe easily. I will be wearing these babies this season as I trek through the slush and snow. Check out Skechers boots if you’ll be battling a long Winter ahead.

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In One Ear- Cage the Elephant

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wild horses




IMG_6843wearing: Cool Clear Water jacket, Coach bag, Vaneli boots

I love a good jacket, especially if it has horses on it. I scored this at the local thrift store, Cool Clear Water. It’s pretty unique and  I’m pretty sure I won’t see too many people hanging in Minneapolis with the same piece. Going with the no pants look, I guess I might stand out in the crowd.

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Wild Horses-The Sundays

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back against the wall







IMG_6314wearing: Forever 21 dress, shoes + necklace, thrifted belt via Cool Clear Water

The weekend is almost over and I am so bummed that Monday will be here. I can’t stress enough how much I am looking forward to my long holiday vacation. Things are getting harder to balance as my life keeps getting busier and there just doesn’t seem to be enough time in each day.

I posted a few photos from this shoot to Instagram already, but I wanted to post a few for the blog and tell you how happy I was to score this belt at Cool Clear Water. I had been on the search for a belt in this style for awhile. I bought this dress quite awhile ago, but I was waiting to to be able to accessorize it just the way I wanted. Well, here it is!

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Back Against the Wall- Cage the Elephant

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take it or leave it






IMG_6601wearing: Jacket via Cool Clear Water, Forever 21 dress + shoes

I have had quite the fascination for anything fringe for awhile now. So when I bumped into a woman while working, who was wearing the coolest fringe jacket, I had to ask her where it was from. Turned out she worked at a small shop in Northeast Minneapolis that specializes in vintage clothing and instruments. I happened to be in the area last weekend after my brunch at Black Coffee and Waffle Bar, so we stopped in. Cool Clear Water is a hidden gem filled with so much great stuff you hardly know where to begin. Luckily with the help of the most friendly employee, I was able to snatch up tho fringe jacket, another cool sweater and the belt that I’ve been searching for. The deals couldn’t be better and there’s nothing like supporting local shops.

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Take It Or Leave It-Cage the Elephant 

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get glittery




photo 2


IMG_6014wearing: Steve Madden jacket, Forever 21 skort, Keds x Kate Spade New York shoes

With the holidays approaching, wearing festive clothing is always a must. When Keds sent me these super cute Kate Spade glittery Keds, I had to throw them on. What a perfect compliment to my very black wardrobe. Adding a little sparkle never hurt anyone, right? #kedsstyle

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come a little closer





IMG_5647wearing: Tobi top, Forever 21 skirt + boots + backpack), Aeropostale necklace

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I’m pretty excited for this long weekend and stoked to enjoy tons of yummy FOOD. It’s nice to get time for myself, as I’ve been so busy lately.

I attended the Twin Cities Solidarity Protest & March for Mike Brown. It was the most amazing thing I have ever experienced. I documented the entire event and will be making a propaganda inspired video in order to promote justice for all and speaking up. The corruption of America’s system is such an important and crucial issue. It starts with all of us. I’m not afraid to speak out and stand up for what I believe in and neither should you. Do research and educate yourself about what has been happening in Ferguson, Missouri. Stay open minded and critical about all of the things you hear and know in your heart what is right. Equality for all human beings is the goal. I am very anxious and excited to share my project with you all.

I hope you all can take time and think about all of the social justice issues today whilst you indulge in yummy food. I know that is what I’ll be doing. I’m sending peace and love to each and every one of you. Happy Holidays!

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Come a Little Closer- Cage The Elephant

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big pimpin






IMG_5177wearing: vintage faux fur coat, Aeropostale top, Forever 21 skirt + boots, and Via’s Vintage purse

I’ve been on the hunt for a faux fur coat to fulfill my “pimp daddy” dreams. And I finally found it while thrifting the other day. Strutting down the streets and the coat brings me to life. It’s funny how an article of clothing can do that for you. I also could not pass up my platform boots and the “no pants look”, something I tend to opt for a little too often. What’cha think of this look?

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Big Pimpin-Jay Z

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two years strong

In October of 2012, I decided to start the blog. I can’t believe it’s been two years that I have been documenting my outfits and running around doing photo shoots. I have to say, writing this blog has been life changing and I couldn’t be happier that I took the chance and just decided to go for it.

It’s a really big commitment and I can’t say that there have been challenges. Being a teen blogger has been great in so many ways. But there also have been some hard times and road blocks, being a younger fashion blogger. Having to decline magazine shoots (due to my age) has probably been the biggest disappointment, but one of the highest points was being featured in Teen Vogue in the Summer of 2013.

Here is my longest post, highlighting a photo from each month I’ve been blogging. (along with a few celebrity sightings!) So have fun scrolling through and as you can see my photos and outfits have really evolved….

Thanks to all of my loyal readers! Now… Take a Lovely Look!

nov 12

dec 12

jan 13

feb 13

mar 13

june 13

maxwell teenvogue

jul 13

aug 13

sept 13

oct 13







dec 13


feb 14

mar 14

jul 14


aug 14

sept 14

aug 14 B

oct 14

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ritual union




IMG_4762wearing: Kimchi Blue romper, American Apparel top, Sam & Libby boots, Forever 21 necklace

This week has been the chilliest and I have to say, not enjoyable. I braved the blustery winds for a few minutes to do the quickest shoot possible. I am loving my new chiffon shirt I scooped up at American Apparel the other day. I layered it over a mini polka dotted romper I bought at Urban outfitters. As you can see, I’m sort of in denial of the Winter temps and I am still wearing leg baring outfits.

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Little Dragon-Ritual Union

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