in one ear






IMG_6995wearing: H&M shirt + coat, thrifted skirt, Skechers boots

This December month has been going way too fast. I can hardly believe it’s almost Christmas and I’m not prepared what so ever. I can easily say that I am so happy to have a long winter break from school and I can finally focus on a few other important things. I will also be doing my share of relaxing and enjoying being at home with my pup.

I was sent these super cozy and Winter proof boots from Skechers. They are perfect for me as they are very reminiscent of the 90s style I love and they fit into my wardrobe easily. I will be wearing these babies this season as I trek through the slush and snow. Check out Skechers boots if you’ll be battling a long Winter ahead.

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In One Ear- Cage the Elephant

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wild horses




IMG_6843wearing: Cool Clear Water jacket, Coach bag, Vaneli boots

I love a good jacket, especially if it has horses on it. I scored this at the local thrift store, Cool Clear Water. It’s pretty unique and  I’m pretty sure I won’t see too many people hanging in Minneapolis with the same piece. Going with the no pants look, I guess I might stand out in the crowd.

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Wild Horses-The Sundays

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back against the wall







IMG_6314wearing: Forever 21 dress, shoes + necklace, thrifted belt via Cool Clear Water

The weekend is almost over and I am so bummed that Monday will be here. I can’t stress enough how much I am looking forward to my long holiday vacation. Things are getting harder to balance as my life keeps getting busier and there just doesn’t seem to be enough time in each day.

I posted a few photos from this shoot to Instagram already, but I wanted to post a few for the blog and tell you how happy I was to score this belt at Cool Clear Water. I had been on the search for a belt in this style for awhile. I bought this dress quite awhile ago, but I was waiting to to be able to accessorize it just the way I wanted. Well, here it is!

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Back Against the Wall- Cage the Elephant

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take it or leave it






IMG_6601wearing: Jacket via Cool Clear Water, Forever 21 dress + shoes

I have had quite the fascination for anything fringe for awhile now. So when I bumped into a woman while working, who was wearing the coolest fringe jacket, I had to ask her where it was from. Turned out she worked at a small shop in Northeast Minneapolis that specializes in vintage clothing and instruments. I happened to be in the area last weekend after my brunch at Black Coffee and Waffle Bar, so we stopped in. Cool Clear Water is a hidden gem filled with so much great stuff you hardly know where to begin. Luckily with the help of the most friendly employee, I was able to snatch up tho fringe jacket, another cool sweater and the belt that I’ve been searching for. The deals couldn’t be better and there’s nothing like supporting local shops.

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Take It Or Leave It-Cage the Elephant 

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get glittery




photo 2


IMG_6014wearing: Steve Madden jacket, Forever 21 skort, Keds x Kate Spade New York shoes

With the holidays approaching, wearing festive clothing is always a must. When Keds sent me these super cute Kate Spade glittery Keds, I had to throw them on. What a perfect compliment to my very black wardrobe. Adding a little sparkle never hurt anyone, right? #kedsstyle

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come a little closer





IMG_5647wearing: Tobi top, Forever 21 skirt + boots + backpack), Aeropostale necklace

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I’m pretty excited for this long weekend and stoked to enjoy tons of yummy FOOD. It’s nice to get time for myself, as I’ve been so busy lately.

I attended the Twin Cities Solidarity Protest & March for Mike Brown. It was the most amazing thing I have ever experienced. I documented the entire event and will be making a propaganda inspired video in order to promote justice for all and speaking up. The corruption of America’s system is such an important and crucial issue. It starts with all of us. I’m not afraid to speak out and stand up for what I believe in and neither should you. Do research and educate yourself about what has been happening in Ferguson, Missouri. Stay open minded and critical about all of the things you hear and know in your heart what is right. Equality for all human beings is the goal. I am very anxious and excited to share my project with you all.

I hope you all can take time and think about all of the social justice issues today whilst you indulge in yummy food. I know that is what I’ll be doing. I’m sending peace and love to each and every one of you. Happy Holidays!

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Come a Little Closer- Cage The Elephant

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big pimpin






IMG_5177wearing: vintage faux fur coat, Aeropostale top, Forever 21 skirt + boots, and Via’s Vintage purse

I’ve been on the hunt for a faux fur coat to fulfill my “pimp daddy” dreams. And I finally found it while thrifting the other day. Strutting down the streets and the coat brings me to life. It’s funny how an article of clothing can do that for you. I also could not pass up my platform boots and the “no pants look”, something I tend to opt for a little too often. What’cha think of this look?

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Big Pimpin-Jay Z

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two years strong

In October of 2012, I decided to start the blog. I can’t believe it’s been two years that I have been documenting my outfits and running around doing photo shoots. I have to say, writing this blog has been life changing and I couldn’t be happier that I took the chance and just decided to go for it.

It’s a really big commitment and I can’t say that there have been challenges. Being a teen blogger has been great in so many ways. But there also have been some hard times and road blocks, being a younger fashion blogger. Having to decline magazine shoots (due to my age) has probably been the biggest disappointment, but one of the highest points was being featured in Teen Vogue in the Summer of 2013.

Here is my longest post, highlighting a photo from each month I’ve been blogging. (along with a few celebrity sightings!) So have fun scrolling through and as you can see my photos and outfits have really evolved….

Thanks to all of my loyal readers! Now… Take a Lovely Look!

nov 12

dec 12

jan 13

feb 13

mar 13

june 13

maxwell teenvogue

jul 13

aug 13

sept 13

oct 13







dec 13


feb 14

mar 14

jul 14


aug 14

sept 14

aug 14 B

oct 14

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ritual union




IMG_4762wearing: Kimchi Blue romper, American Apparel top, Sam & Libby boots, Forever 21 necklace

This week has been the chilliest and I have to say, not enjoyable. I braved the blustery winds for a few minutes to do the quickest shoot possible. I am loving my new chiffon shirt I scooped up at American Apparel the other day. I layered it over a mini polka dotted romper I bought at Urban outfitters. As you can see, I’m sort of in denial of the Winter temps and I am still wearing leg baring outfits.

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Little Dragon-Ritual Union

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i need you







IMG_4028wearing: American Apparel top, Mossimo pants, Forever 21 shoes, H&M necklace, thrifted bag

Sometimes browsing around Target is dangerous for me and my mum. Mainly because Target has everything you need and everything you don’t. Whilst on one of latest grocery runs, I wandered into the clothing section and found these amazing palazzo pants. Pretty much had to have them. Basically they’re everything. From the patterns to the comfort level of these stretchy rayon/spandex pants, you really can’t go wrong. And I have to say, they turn heads. Get them for only $18 here.

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I Need You-M83

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and the boys







IMG_4101wearing: Forever 21 dress + necklace, Brandy Melville sweater, DV8 by Dolce Vita boots ℅ Aeropostale

I had to get in one more time wearing my Forever 21 boho dress before the snow hits the ground. I bought this a little while ago and I’m just able to shoot it in the crunchy Fall leaves. It was a little chilly, so throwing on my good ol’ Brandy Melville sweater helped with the goose bumps. These Dolce Vita boots were a smart pick from the Aeropostale website. Yep, that’s right- they sell other brands too! Check ‘em out here.

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And The Boys-Angus & Julia Stone

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IMG_3838wearing: Forever 21 top + coat + shoes, Tobi skirt

Coming home to new clothes is always a treat. I recently purchased this new suede coat from Forever 21. I can easily admit, I love having a variety of outerwear to choose from. Especially with the way Minnesota temps fluctuate. My new shoes are also an exciting new addition to the closet and they’re not disappointing!

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video girl






IMG_3622wearing: H&M jumper + shoes, Forever 21 top + jacket

The weather is now requiring me to put a jacket on. But I haven’t gotten on board with the hosiery yet. I guess I will when it’s very necessary. But I will enjoy any bit of sun and warmer weather we get until the snowy days ahead. This black jumper just got added to my wardrobe last weekend when I was out shopping with friends. My new H&M boots have been on repeat. But I can happily say, I just got two new pairs of shoes in the mail today, so that’s always good. I do love new shoes…

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Video Girl- FKA twigs

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love lulus part deux






IMG_2932wearing: dress ℅ Lulu*s, Mossimo shoes, vintage purse

If you’ve been following my blog for awhile now, you know I have a very eclectic style. One day-boho, the next day- preppy. But whatever the style, I am always somewhat girly. I love dressing up. So when Lulu*s sent me this LBD, I knew it was going to be a favorite. I love this midi length and the curvy silhouette. I normally don’t show off much décolletage, but for this dress I made an exception. has the best selection of dresses for any occasion. This Skirt So Good Black Midi Dress is perfect for an evening out. Good thing it’s Friday and I have dinner plans.

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behind the wheel








IMG_3107wearing: American Apparel top, Asos skirt, Deena & Ozzy boots, Brandy Melville jacket, Contempo Casuals suspenders

Sometimes I do an impromptu quick shoot after school if there’s time. I wore this American Apparel off-shoulder top yesterday with my suspenders and this Asos skirt I got awhile back. I’m always up for a black and pink outfit, especially when it’s comfy. So here’s me doing a little casual biker chic. Is that a thing?

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Behind The Wheel-Depeche Mode

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wearing: East & Lo dress, Broner hat, Deena & Ozzy boots, Nordstrom necklace

The weather here in Minnesota has really been cooperating with us and I am stoked about it. Being able to wear bare arms and dresses as long as possible is a plus. My new East & Lo maxi was perfect to wear over the weekend. East & Lo is a new company that offers great pieces under $100. They have tons of items available for Fall, including denim currently on sale.  Check out their Instagram for their latest looks. Hope everyone is starting out the week with a beautiful Monday!

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FKA Twigs-Hide

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love lulus

TALL Lulu Floral 1

TALL Lulu Floral 2

TALL Lulu Floral 3

TALL Lulu Floral 4

TALL Lulu Floral 5

TALL Lulu Floral 6

TALL Lulu Floral 7

TALL Lulu Floral 8

TALL Lulu Floral 9

TALL Lulu Floral 10wearing: dress + necklace ℅ Lulus, Jeffrey Campbell boots

There’s nothing better than a bold print. Especially if it’s as gorgeous as this floral pattern on my new Lulu*s dress. is a brand that I have been loving for several years now and I was so happy to receive a few pieces from them to style. This Just A Twirl dress is also available in other patterns and colors. It’s so comfy and fun to wear. And yes, I tested out the twirl factor as I did a bit of dancing and spinning around during my shoot.  The gold crystal necklace is such a beautiful added touch that makes this ensemble very me as I am in love with everything crystals and stones. Check out the latest at Lulu*s here and follow them on Instagram for fashion inspiration.

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image-4wearing: American Apparel dress, H&M top, Shelly’s London shoes

Hello! The weekend is over, but this one was a good one for me. I got to spend a lot of time with my friends and I did a few shoots, including a collaboration with Lulus that I’m really excited about. I also put a little time at my first official job. Oh, I didn’t tell you? I’m now an employee of American Apparel. Working in retail sure does teach you a lot… and fast. It’s fun because I get to work with one of my best friends and I enjoy working with clothing and accessories- of course! This nylon Tricot Figure Skater Dress is my latest purchase from AA. I just adore this dress and I hope you enjoy this simple look.

FKA Twigs has been on repeat on my iPod for the last two weeks. So, if you haven’t listened to this goddess of a woman, go do it!

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Pendulum- FKA Twigs

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my baby shot me down







IMG_0732wearing: Forever 21 dress + necklace, Jason Wu clutch, Asos boots, long Nordstrom necklace 

There’s nothing better than going all black. I just fell in love with this pleated black dress with the lace bottom at Forever 21. I snatched it up and knew that pairing it with my Jason Wu clutch (that my mum and I were so lucky to get back in 2012 at Target) was the perfect match. Lace, black + gold = yes! Anyone else agree??

Happy Friday everyone!

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Bang Bang-My Baby Shot Me Down-Nancy Sinatra

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taking chances







IMG_0509wearing: Forever 21 dress + necklace, American Apparel socks, Deena & Ozzy boots, thrifted bag, Broner hat

There’s nothing like those prime bohemian fall vibes. This peasant dress is one of the many treasures I picked up on my latest shopping excursion. And boy is it a head turner… the vibrant blues & simplicity of the floral is a statement. Pairing it with all black items breaks that “fashion rule” of no black & blue. It felt rebellious yet, instinctive. Adding the floppy hat & fringe bag added those boho touches. What do you think of this look?

I saw Gone Girl this weekend and my mind is convoluted. The plot twists and detailed plans throughout the film had my eyes glued to the screen. And what Ben Affleck does wrong, I will never know? Unless you count his relationship with J.LO, but hey I don’t judge. Haha… anyways, I guess that was my recommendation to go see the movie!

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 Taking Chances-Sharon Van Etten

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you know what i mean






IMG_0363wearing: American Apparel skirt, Brandy Melville top, Contempo Casuals suspenders, Shelly’s London shoes

So it’s a new week, a new day. I’m starting out this week excited to have a few new pieces to wear. I trekked out to the Mall of America on Saturday and picked up some rad dresses and skirts. Who doesn’t love a fresh outfit to wear? My most recent obsessions: fringe and lace. Over the weekend, my mum shot me in my new American Apparel skirt and I added her “vintage” Contempo Casuals suspenders, in keeping with my 90’s school girl uniform look. Stay tuned this week for upcoming posts when I showcase some new silhouettes and colors to my wardrobe.

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You Know What I Mean – Cults

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two weeks




IMG_0137wearing: Forever 21 jacket, ℅ Hollister jeans, Coach bag, Asos boots

It’s Friday and I couldn’t be happier about it. As the wind and blustery weather has set in, I am prepared in my new plaid jacket from Forever 21. Whenever I am wondering about in a clothing store (particularly the warehouse sized Forever 21 in the MOA), I always end up with my fingers gripping the only plaid pieces in sight. I think it’s because I have subconsciously made plaid my favorite pattern, whoa. Plaid is just so timeless and usually resides on the most unforgettable clothing items. Also, it helps me get into the “festive” mindset, meaning fall themed everything, all the time. I try and embrace every second of Autumn, I’m afraid it will pass before my eyes. So, I stare at the vibrant and warm trees long enough that I can examine each unique leaf. I might even take one to glue into my journal for keepsake. Spending times with friends during this season feels right. Making memories during my favorite time of year. So, I am able to reminisce in the fond flashbacks. Consuming copious amounts of cider, salted caramel & pumpkin spice anything is a must. Do it twice a day if you can. Oh, and how can I forget! Listen to good music that sets the tone for the day. If you’re ever in the mood for a killer playlist, let me know, I can share mine. Forecasts say we’re in for snow tonight. Not exactly what I had in mind for my Friday night. But I think it may be perfect for a night in with my friend, Lucy.

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Two Weeks- FKA twigs

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when i’m small





IMG_0043wearing: Forever 21 skirt, tee + necklace, Marc Jacobs moto, thrifted bag, Deena & Ozzy boots

Well, October has arrived and we have started the month out with a grey rainy morning. As much as I love the cooler Fall weather, I know I’ll miss the warmer temps where I can don bare legs. Knee highs are a staple item in my wardrobe and I will take advantage of any day that I can wear them until the snow falls. Happy October 1st everyone!

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When I’m Small- Phantogram

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maple leaves







IMG_9766wearing: Forever 21 dress + backpack, Ralph Lauren plaid, Shoedazzle boots

Last night my mum and I had dinner at one of favorite restaurants in Minneapolis. Before we ate, we did a quick shoot because the sun was shining in the most perfect way. I’m wearing my new Off to Paris dress that I recently purchased with my favorite vintage plaid that my Grandmother handed down to me. I’m looking forward to a rad weekend with great weather and chilling with friends. Anyone else loving these perfect Fall temps in Minnesota?

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Maple Leaves- Jens Lekman

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stay gold









IMG_9507wearing: Levis shorts, Tobi top, Forever 21 jacket, ℅ Julie Vos necklace

If you saw my last post you read that I was sent some lovely jewelry from NYC-based jewelry designer, Julie Vos. This statement necklace is so bold and adds so much to any outfit. I decided to be daring and wear it with my super casual look . Don’t forget to use  the code: lovelylook and receive a 20% discount when you make an online purchase at

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Stay Gold- First Aid Kit

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stay high



Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 11.51.36 AM






IMG_8963wearing: Forever 21 dress, ℅ Julie Vos gold jewelry, DIY Hansa choker, Michael Kors watch, Tory Burch boots, thrifted bag

Recently I was sent the most incredible jewels from NYC-based jewelry designer, Julie Vos. She has recently launched a new website and I am offering my readers a 20% discount to celebrate! Just use the code: lovelylook and you will receive this rad discount on your purchase. Julie Vos has some of the most beautiful pieces like the baroque pendant that you can see me wearing. I also love this baroque wrap ring that I literally obsessed with. Lately, I’ve been so into stones and gems and there are many pieces yet to be a part of my life. I can’t wait to get my hands on this ring next.   Check out and consider an online purchase because the exquisite pieces are to die for!

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Stay High-Tove Lo

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someone great







IMG_7744wearing: Forever 21 dress + necklace, thrifted backpack, Vanel boots, sunnies

I am so happy that Friday has finally arrived. Weekends are pretty much the best thing ever to me. I’m looking forward to hanging out with my friends and catching a good movie. Although I did catch The Maze Runner last night….Dylan O’Brien was perfect!

So in this shoot, I am wearing an outfit from my latest Youtube video, End of Summer Outfits. Fall is just around the corner and so is the end of wearing sleeveless dresses.

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Someone Great- LCD Soundsystem

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