soigne dress 01

soigne dress 02

soigne dress 03

soigne dress 04

soigne dress 05

soigne dress 06

soigne dress 07

soigne dress 08

soigne dress 09wearing: ℅ Soigné Fashion dress and bag, Charles Jourdan heels, Francesca’s ring

I am always up for a pretty dress, especially in the Summer. This dress from Soigné Fashion is no exception. I just love the simple cut and jeweled collar. The cream hand bag and the bling-iest ring I own go perfectly for a nice dinner out. Now I just need to find that perfect date… Check out Soigné FashionIf you like to online shop, add this site to your list. I’m pretty sure I’ll be doing some Back to School shopping very soon.

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Escapade- Janet Jackson

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TALL aero 01

TALL aero 02

TALL aero 03

TALL aero 04

TALL aero 05

TALL aero 06

TALL aero 07wearing: ℅ Aeropostale top and skirt, Topshop shoes, Madewell bag, Forever 21 necklace and rings

The Summer is just passing by so quick. I recently picked up a ton of new pieces at Aeropostale and I’ll be showcasing them in a new video on my YouTube channel. If you haven’t already- check out my videos, as I am adding makeup tutorials, hauls and ootd uploads. In other exciting news… I am hosting my first event tomorrow at the Mall of America Aeropostale. So if you’re in the area, stop by and shop with me. Aero is launching their new Back to School collections along with their new #AERONOW look. The store will have a fun photo booth, a DJ and refreshments. Come on in to shop from 4-6PM, and shop the after party at 6PM. I’d love to meet every one of you!


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half about being a woman

TALL firmoo 01

TALL firmoo 02

TALL firmoo 03


TALL firmoo 04

TALL firmoo 05wearing: ℅ Firmoo eyewear, H&M romper, Aeropostale sweater, F21 necklace

If there is one thing I could wish for, it would be perfect eyesight. I have been a contact lens wearer for about 5 years now. And I have to say, I am sick of the hassle of the lenses. My eyes need a break every once in awhile. So when I received an email from  offering to send me a pair of eye glasses, I couldn’t pass it up! I chose the cutest clear lenses with a tortoise pattern. I absolutely love them!! These glasses fit me perfectly and I can wear them with any outfit and still feel stylish. I normally dread having to wear my glasses, but I have to admit, I have been wearing these lenses ever since I received them in the mail. And by the way, they arrived in my mailbox in less than a week after I ordered them. And they came in a pretty world map patterned case, which I love. Check out Firmoo- a very inexpensive eyewear company for super cute glasses! They’re currently running a promo for first time customers. Check it out here.

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Half About Being a Woman-Caroline Smith

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past is prologue









IMG_0534wearing: ℅ Aeropostale blazer, H&M blouse, Tommy Hilfiger jumper, and Dolce Vita boots

Finding unique and inventive ways to utilize and style my vintage clothing always gives me such a sense of satisfaction. I’ve had this super retro Tommy Girl denim jumper for a while now and have kind of put them on the back burner. I’ve always worn them for sheer lounge and comfort. When I was trying to find a way to wear this Aeropostale striped blazer, my mum suggested I try styling it with the jumper, I fell in love. It was a crazy genius idea and I love mixing the preppy, chic, and tom boyish looks together. The peter pan collared blouse added that touch of girly and adds a business chic vibe. I would definitely wear this on any occasion.

On another note, I’m excited and very proud that I’ve uploaded my first beauty Youtube video. It’s my everyday makeup tutorial and this is just the beginning! I plan on becoming a full time “youtuber” and posting quite frequently with all kinds of videos; tutorials, DIYs, monthly favorites, etc. So stay tuned and subscribe to be the first to know about the latest uploads!

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Past is Prologue- Tycho

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summer with hollister













wearing: ℅ Hollister charcoal high waisted jeans, white crop top, Marina Park kimono

I recently partnered up with Hollister to style an outfit with a pair of their jeans of my choice! I gravitated to these dark charcoal high waisted jeans, and boy did I pick the right pair! I usually don’t opt for jeans, but I honestly have never owned a comfier pair of denim. I wear them with anything and everything -they’re perfect everyday wear. When shopping around Hollister for items to compliment the jeans, I immediately ran to this amazingly gorgeous kimono. The print was so subtle and eye catching, I knew it would make for the perfect sexy, casual, and classy outwear. Who doesn’t like a bit of fringe?! All that was needed to finish the look was a simple top to wear underneath and I opted for a cute white one for some color contrast. I’m so honored to be working with this amazing brand that brings such a classic and timeless take on summer attire. Shop this look, here and use this code for their jeans promotion.

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holy roller








IMG_9820wearing: H&M shirt & shoes, American Apparel skirt, Coach Duffle bag

I dug out this adorably classic boyfriend button down from my mum’s closet and scolded her for hiding this treasure. I’m forever loving the basics. I haven’t really taken it off since I’ve found it… not only is it comfortable, but it serves as the best preppy school girl look. And we all know how my everyday outfit usually resembles a prep school girl’s uniform. I stopped in Buffalo Exchange a few days ago, to find three brand new American Apparel skirts for $15 each. Like… what?! That kind of stuff never happens. I often have a hard time justifying buying full price expensive items. Even though, I have my fair share of skirts from AA. So therefore, this was a total win. I opted for my vintage coach bucket bag and my platform sandals with a clean pair of socks to compliment my button down. Happy Thursday! My super exciting collaboration will be on the blog tomorrow, so stay tuned.

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Holy Roller- Thao & The Get Down Stay Down

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rescue me







IMG_007wearing: H&M dress, bag + bracelet, Asos boots, Nordstrom watch

I have been so busy lately doing so much with the blog. Summer is just passing by so quick and I know school will be starting sooner than I want. I have an exciting addition, that I had mentioned before to the blog. And I can’t wait to share it with you! Recently, I shopped at H&M and picked up this bag for about $8, so I thought I’d pair it with my dress that I got at the Soho H&M. I did wear it in NY and to my Aeropostale visit. Speaking of Aeropostale, I am so honored to be featured on their blog here. They have been such a great partner and I couldn’t be happier with my feature with them. Stay tuned for my next collaboration and fun post!

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Rescue Me- Mr. Little Jeans

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tennis court

tennis 01

tennis 02

tennis 03

tennis 04

tennis 05

tennis 06

tennis 07

tennis 08wearing: Forever 21 top + backpack, thrifted tennis skirt, American Apparel knee socks, Adidas shoes

My love for tennis skirts goes very deep. I could wear one every day. I wish I had one in every color of the rainbow. I wore this ensemble to school one day awhile back, but I never did a shoot. So we headed to the courts to match the somewhat sporty vibe I had going on. Too bad the lighting did not cooperate with us.

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Lorde-Tennis Court 

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dance yrself clean






IMG_8718wearing: Old Navy jacket, Pins & Needles dress, Merona shoes, and ℅ Aeropostale bag

I’m the type of girl who loves dressing up for any occasion, whether it’s for an event, a shoot, or just trying fancy clothes on and twirling around in front of mirror. It’s no secret that dresses are a huge portion of my wardrobe. But, if there’s one thing I love more than wearing dresses, it would be finding comfortable ways to wear dresses! An army green jacket should be in every girl’s wardrobe, no matter what your style. They are the holy grail when one is opting for keeping it casual but also trendy and urban. They go with just about anything. They made this normally girly dress, a more balanced look. And swinging my Aeropostale bag next to my side, added even more depth to the ensemble. Happy Saturday!

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Dance Yrself Clean- LCD Soundsystem

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new summer

IMG_8376 B


IMG_8443 B




IMG_8429 Bwearing: Motel Rocks dress, Michael Kors watch, Forever 21 bracelet, Topshop boots (similar)

Something that I’ve learned as a fashion blogger is that it’s important to stay completely true to yourself. It sounds a bit “well duh?”, but there’s a lot of pressure and stress about creating quality content and such. And for me, I’m a complete perfectionist when it comes to my own work and what I put out in the world. So, I’ve had urges to not re-wear outfits on my blog, but I’ve learned to make my outfit posts completely realistic. Like… yeah I’m gonna wear that dress more than once. Or like… yeah sometimes I wear the same thing two or three days in a row. Having a blog is so fun and none of it should be taken so seriously. I live by this rule everyday, and so should you! I’m wearing this Motel Rocks dress that I wore when I first started my blog. Whew, this bad boy is so beautiful. The print is so killer, and it has freakin’ shoulder pads!! I felt totally retro, with a sweet/badass twist. That’s always how I love to feel with my clothes. Dynamic is so important with your outfits, I feel. But also, I mean these Topshop heeled boots that I thrifted last summer never seem to disappoint. And they really make this outfit. Hope you like this look!

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New Summer- Young Galaxy

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IMG_7983 square




IMG_8260wearing: Aeropostale tank, Asos shorts, H&M kimono + bracelet, Shelly’s London boots, Marc Jacobs watch and Broner hat

Tuesday seemed like it was going to be a super non productive and lazy day, until I got a burst of energy! I decided I wanted to do a photo-shoot with my new Aeropostale elephant tank in Uptown. I also came up with the idea of doing my first vlog, and that documenting my day in Uptown would be totally rad. So, instead of me telling you what I did, head to my video down below. Thanks guys!

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Elephant- Tame Impala

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july flame





IMG_7754 croppedwearing: H&M top& sandals, Joe Fresh shorts, Timex watch

Just a simple outfit post here to show you what I’ve been lounging around in lately. It hasn’t been a very hot summer here in Minnesota. Which is a bit odd for us, but I guess I shouldn’t speak too soon. I’ve been doing the same old summer routine of hanging out with friends, Netflix, hiking, enjoying time with my dog and loving sleeping late into the mornings. I’m also going to take advantage of my time and make some additions to the blog and I’m in the midst of some fun collaborations. So stay tuned for those! What have you all been up to this summer?

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July Flame- Laura Veirs

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secret garden









IMG_7030 wearing: Aeropostale dress, ASOS heels, and Forever 21 umbrella

This dress is another one of my Aeropostale obsessions! It’s from the Pretty Little Liars collection and I gravitated towards it immediately. When summer rolls around, I usually become a lot more open minded about bright colors and risky prints. So, my latest infatuation has been with stellar prints. This floral is so eye catching and gorgeous, and I loved the idea of pairing it with a pair of kick ass chunky heels. It actually was raining that day, so an umbrella felt like a good idea. The juxtaposition of the floral with the stripe was so intriguing. And the greenery made it all the more magical. Let me know what you think of this Aeropostale dress in the comments below!

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Secret Garden- Bruce Springsteen

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aeropostale visit











photo 1


IMG_6678During my trip to NYC, I was invited to visit the Aeropostale headquarters! I got the opportunity to tour the offices, where all of the big decisions are made. It was so exciting to see the process and to preview the Back to School campaign. (I can say that the new collections are super cute and I can’t wait to get a few of the pieces!) Meeting all of the people that I have been in touch with for the past year, was so much fun. Everyone was so friendly and inviting. One thing that is really special about the fashion industry, is the connections you make with other people with the same passions as you. So, thank you so much to Rachel and Dana for everything! Another cool thing I got to see are all the  amazing things Aeropostale will be doing as a brand in the upcoming year. I am so excited to be a part of such an incredible vision. They pulled clothes for me from the upcoming lines and we did a photo-shoot in their space. After that, I headed right to the Aeropostale Times Square location for a little shopping spree! I picked out so many pieces that I just love. So, again thank you to everyone at Aeropostale. I am really looking forward to our future partnership and collaborations!

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later nyc days










IMG_6021 \IMG_6083


photo 1









IMG_6277Here are the photos capturing my remaining days in NYC. We took a super long train ride to Coney Island to live out those “Uptown Girls” dreams of eating Nathan’s hot dogs and riding the tea cups. It wasn’t exactly my cup of tea, but it was an adventure!On the last day, my mum and I spent a lovely morning eating breakfast and exploring Bryant Park! It was nice to able to relax in a city that is so fast paced. We wandered and found ourselves in the midst of numerous shops including Joe Fresh, where I found many amazing buys. We also wound up at the New York Public Library, as a sort of unexpected excursion. Which was such a great idea considering how incredibly beautiful and stunning it was! My personal favorite part of the library was the children’s story exhibit. It entailed many of both my mum and my favorite books, displayed in the most amazing ways. It was a nice way to reflect on my childhood and relish in those special moments. New York was incredible, to say the least. I got to spend my vacation with my best-friends, my mummy and Jordan. It gave me a chance to see an insight of my near future.

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daisy a day

MMaxwell Aero A






MMaxwell Aero B

MMaxwell Aero Cwearing: Aeropostalé overall skirt, Topshop crop tank and sandals

Yesterday we went out to shoot one of my latest Aeropostalé pieces that I bought whilst in New York. I am loving the daisy pattern and the overall straps that can be detached. This dress is part of the Bethany Mota Summer collection and it just popped out at me at the store. I am so glad to be working with Aero and can say that they really hit the mark on their Summer collections. There are so many great pieces. I can’t wait to share more with you!

Daisy a Day-Jud Strunk

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dancing on my own







IMG_5979wearing: ASOS top, Topshop skirt, American Apparel socks, ASOS boots, and Forever 21 backpack

The second day of my trip to NYC was spent shopping in Soho and I couldn’t resist stepping into Topshop. It’s always so crowded in that location, but I always seem to find something that makes it worth the claustrophobia. I found this super unique plaid/checkered wrap skirt. I’m in love with wrap skirts and the colors in this skirt was to die for. I had to go for that classic crop top and knee high look, that I love so much. It was a perfect ensemble for running around the city. I felt both comfortable and fashionable in this outfit.

Dancing On My Own- Robyn

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nyc days
















For those of you who follow me on Instagram, you know that I have been in New York City for the past few days. My best friend, Jordan and I celebrated our 17th birthdays and senior year. It had always been a dream to travel with him. This first NYC post is a bit out of order, but I tried to show my favorite pictures from the first few days. The first day, we went to Central Park and Madison Ave. We also had the most delicious meal at this italian restaurant in the upper east side. The next day, we shopped in Soho and made our way to Greenwich Village, where I met Ansel Elgort!! It’s funny because I saw that he was in Central Park the same day I was, and I was disappointed I didn’t see him. I’m such a huge fan and so I knew I had to see him before I left NYC. However, it was honestly just so meant to be that I met him. Long story… short, I saw him from afar in a suit walking into a random coffee shop. At this point, we had been getting lost and walking in circles and such. And I just walked into the restaurant and he was sitting alone, looking so handsome in his suit. He was so nice and I chatted with him for a bit and took a few pictures. It was a dream come true and destiny. After that, we did a night time trip to Times Square, which is not always my favorite, but it was more for Jordan (since it was his first time in NYC). Our first few days were so fun, so stay tuned for my other adventures and stops in the big city!

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IMG_5588wearing: Topshop Runway Exclusive dress, Vintage french purse, Tarte Vintage sunglasses, and Charles Jourdan heels.

I actually bought this dress a while back, for a random occasion. I’ve always meant to do a shoot in this baby because I mean… it’s gorgeous. And I always pictured doing a sort of “An Education” Carey Mulligan kind of look with it. So, 60′s inspired classy chic vibe, you know? And I thought of this vibrant pink wall in downtown Minneapolis that suited this dress perfectly. It brought out the beaded details perfectly. On the 17th, I celebrated my 17th birthday! Also, a bit of a nod to An Education (Carey Mulligan’s character turns 17.. yadayada). But, now I’m off to NYC on Friday morning and I’m more than excited. Follow me on Instagram to keep up with my daily adventures. Talk to you soon!

17- Kings of Leon

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after now






IMG_5257wearing: Joe Fresh pants, Topshop tank, H&M shoes, Rebecca Minkoff wristlet, & Marc Jacobs watch

Starting the week off fresh with this alluring outfit. I’m completely obsessed with this grid pattern as I’ve seen it all over (Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram), so when I found these pants I knew I had to get them. It’s not often that you can find me strolling around in pants either, but I just adore these. My Topshop scallop tank was a no-brainer. It adds so much to the look and yet it is so simple. Update for my life, currently: only two and a half more days of school (gag), my birthday is on Tuesday, and I’m going to NYC on Friday with my best friend! It’s going to be a pretty eventful week, but I will try and stay sane with copious amounts of sleep and coffee. Wow, that’s a bit of a paradox. But, so is my life at the moment, oh well.

After Now- Melodeyes

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champagne coast






IMG_5015 wearing: Foreign Exchange dress, H&M lace shorts, Merona heels, Michael Kors watch, and BP necklace.

It finally seems that school is coming to an end, even though I have a few days left. I feel like I’ve been quite absent from my blog, so I apologize to my lovely readers. So, since summer is here and I have much more free time to devote to blogging, you will not be disappointed! Lately, I’ve been really obsessed with plants and greenery, so I was absolutely in love with this beautiful neighborhood. It complemented this very unique Foreign Exchange dress very well. Which, by the way was an item I wouldn’t normally jump to, but I was surprisingly in love with the shape and style. And I knew it would look great with a pair of not-so normal biker shorts. Yes, these biker shorts are the loves of my life because I wear so many skirts and dresses. They add an edgy and sexy vibe to everyday ensemble I put together. I hope you enjoy this outfit and your weekend!

Champagne Coast- Blood Orange

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ode to viceroy







IMG_4635wearing: Vigoss Studio denim, Tobi top, Topshop shoes, Francesca’s ring

When you live in Minnesota, you deal with the constant temperature fluctuation. One day I am wearing a sun dress and the next, a long sleeved top. It was a perfect breezy day by the lake yesterday and we took advantage of the bright sun. I pulled out my favorite Summer sandals I bought at Topshop last year and paired it with a casual, cozy outfit for hanging in the sand. Happy Monday to everyone!

 Ode to Viceroy-Mac Demarco

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eightwearing: Brandy Melville dress and moto jacket, Anemone bra, Free People bag, SBG Designs bracelets, Nordstrom watch, Shelley’s London shoes

So as the weather finally gets warmer, the dresses get smaller. Just kidding. I recently picked up this one at Pacsun and I just can’t stop wearing it. This dress has been my go to throw on when the days are hot. The cut out back is so cute and I found that pairing it with a fun bra, like my teal lace one, makes the dress all the more interesting! My mum and I picked up this cute vegan bag at Free People when we did our fun day at the Mall of America. It’s such a great bag and it’s even reversible!

Hope everyone is starting off the week in a great way!

Someday-The Strokes


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comptine d`un autre ete – l`apres-midi




mac lilac a

mac lilac bwearing: H&M skirt, Charlotte Russe Tee, SBG Designs jewelry, Francesca’s bag, Deena & Ozzy boots

I recently had the chance to collaborate with the lovely Sara, owner and designer of SBG Designs. She creates the most amazing pieces and I had the pleasure of wearing a ton of her beautiful jewelry in a series of photo shoots. Here I am wearing a Coachella necklace, Allure bracelet and the Editor bracelet.  Check out SBG Designs and all of their gorgeous collections!

Yan-Tiersen-Comptine d’un autre été – l’après midi

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the only place






IMG_4220wearing: H&M dress, c/o Keds x Kate Spade, Coach bag, sunnies, watch c/o Timex

On Sunday, my mum and I drove to Downtown Stillwater to enjoy the afternoon in the sun and grab a late lunch. Since it was Memorial Day, there were more people out n about by the water. It was pretty hot and my dress got quite wrinkled from the car ride-as you can see in the photos! I also wore my new Keds x Kate Spade shoes. The floral print really says Summer. There’s nothing better than sun and water!

The Only Place-Best Coast

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wouldn’t it be nice

IMG_4039 crop



IMG_3955wearing: Ecote top via Urban Outfitters, Levis denim shorts via Urban Outfitters, H&M denim jacketH&M shoes

Summer is upon us and I cannot wait. It’s been tough keeping up with both the blog and everything else in life lately. Homework is stacking up as I approach the end of the school year. I am so looking forward to the break, so I can catch p on some good books, movies and be more productive on blog. Thanks to all of my readers (whoever you are) for following along! Up next, I will be announcing the winner of the Keds Giveaway… so stay tuned!

Wouldn’t It Be Nice- Beach Boys

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day at the moa

MOA day picSo last weekend, my mum and I headed to the Mall of America for an afternoon of shopping and eats. It is always an interesting adventure when you shop at the MOA because it is not only a mall FULL of stores, but it also has an amusement park, a movie theatre, a million places to eat, an indoor aquariummini golf and so much MORE! Check out a few of my photos as I made my way through to some of my favorite stores! Thanks MOA for the fun day!IMG_3714

IMG_3712trying on a couple of cute white pieces at Foreign ExchangeIMG_3717bought them!IMG_3722checking out the Brandy Melville section at PacsunIMG_3728had to go to the enormous Forever 21IMG_3732headed to two of my favorite stores.IMG_3724had to buy these jellies at A’gaci!IMG_3758checked out the latest at AeropostaleIMG_3778did someone say cotton candy?! yes, please! Nickelodeon Universe has the best I’ve had, photo

photo-1had to purchase some intimates at Free People.IMG_3746always in need of some sort of product. Sephora is my best friend.photoworked up an appetite. Crave has the best appetizers!IMG_3751Nordstrom is always a must every time I shop at the MOA. They have a Topshop section!IMG_3791picked up a few little cute things and this tote and Typo!photo.PNGWe had to get a treat somewhere. Godiva seemed to be a great choice. Vanilla bean….mmmm!IMG_3761During a full day of shopping, a smoothie is always refreshing from Caribou Coffee

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wearing:  thrifted Gap skirt, H&M top and necklace, A’gaci jellies, thrifted Limited bag, American Apparel socks

Today is a beautiful day here in Minneapolis. Waking up with the sun shining has helped set the mood for the day. I decided to channel one of the great style icons of the 90′s-Cher Horowitz. If you’ve been reading my blog for awhile, you know I love a good Clueless-esque ensemble. My sheer H&M top works perfect on a day like this and I am loving my newly thrifted Gap skirt, fresh out of the 90′s! Happy Day everyone!

Don’t forget to scroll down and enter the Keds Giveaway! You can win ANY three pairs of your choice. Contest ends Friday!


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keds giveaway



IMG_0353If you’re like me, you like a fun pair of shoes to throw on in the Summer. I love to have a comfy pair of shoes that I can wear with almost anything. Keds are those shoes! It helps when you’re on the go and don’t have time to think about matching everything. Isn’t that what Summer is all about?  I love Keds because they’re doing so many great things for girls like myself. Check out their blog, and take some of their challenges!

Today, I’m giving away three pairs of Keds to one lucky reader. Yes, the winner gets to choose three different pairs!! All you have to do is enter below! Good luck, all!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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all for you






IMG_3292wearing: H&M dress, Mossimo shoes, London Fog bag, Lilly and Violet bracelet, watch c/0 Timex, Aeropostale earrings

I have been battling a little cold and I feel like it’s sucking all of my energy out. I did this shoot last weekend, but I’m just getting around to posting it. This gingham dress is such an easy dress to throw on and it’s the epitome of comfy. I can’t wait for Minnesota to finally have some consistent Summer temps so I can wear dresses all the time.

Don’t forget to enter the Keds Giveaway here! Happy Weekend everyone!

Janet Jackson- All For You

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